About Us

Our Story

My name is Braulio Granados  (Founder of Credit Repair Capital), I am 22 years old. I was born in Mexico and came to Oceanside, California when I was 2 years old. My brother (right in picture) is 26.  Coming from an immigrant family, and going to a normal school with formal education, we were never taught about money, finances, and especially credit. We graduated from a school that failed to properly educate us on how to get ahead in life and take advantage of the system that was intended to take advantage of us. I was open minded enough to learn and become aware of the knowledge and information needed to be successful in all aspects of life with credit and finances being the most important. At 18 I opened my first credit card, and began diving deep into the credit world. We have invested thousands of dollars in mentorship, education, failures, and resources to identify the best strategies, concepts, and action steps to help our own situation so we can eventually help others. We have been able to personally maintain a CLEAN personal credit history with no negatives, giving us access to over 100K in credit limit , with over 15 ACTIVE credit cards, and both have credit scores over 720. 

Our Mission

Why do we do what we do ? I believe the school system is meant to fail you. It is meant to keep you uneducated on the real way to succeed in life with your finances and credit situation. After being in the Business Loan industry for over a year, and reviewing thousands of credit reports, I have realized over 80% of Americans don't understand how credit works nor do they know how to fix it and take advantage of it. 

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